China 4R1 H3016RE07VU2 HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP | Partsdic®

China 4R1 H3016RE07VU2 HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP | Partsdic®

4R1 H3016RE07VU2 HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP | Partsdic®
Drive Mechanism: Gear pumps can be driven by various means, including electric motors, internal combustion engines, or even manually. The choice of drive mechanism may depend on the application.
Inlet and Outlet Ports: The pump will have designated inlet and outlet ports to connect it to the hydraulic circuit. These ports are designed to ensure proper fluid flow and pressure regulation.
 4R1 H3016RE07VU2, HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP | Partsdic®

First and foremost, the 4R1 H3016RE07VU2 hydraulic gear pump is known for its robust construction and durability.

It is engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications, making it suitable for use in demanding industries like construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. Its rugged design ensures long-lasting performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

One of the defining features of this pump is its gear mechanism. Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps, meaning they displace a fixed amount of fluid with each rotation. In the case of the 4R1 H3016RE07VU2, its gears mesh together to create a seal, trapping hydraulic fluid and forcing it through the pump's outlet. This design provides consistent and reliable fluid delivery, making it ideal for applications where precise and controlled fluid flow is crucial.

Furthermore, this hydraulic gear pump has a displacement of 4 cubic inches per revolution (4R1), which is a measure of the volume of fluid it can displace in one complete rotation of the gears. This specification is crucial for determining the pump's flow rate and, consequently, its ability to meet the hydraulic demands of the system it's installed in. It's important to choose a pump with an appropriate displacement to ensure optimal performance.

The 4R1 H3016RE07VU2 also features a 3016 PSI maximum pressure rating, which indicates the maximum pressure it can handle safely.

Hydraulic systems often operate under high pressures to deliver the necessary force for various tasks. The pump's ability to handle pressures up to 3016 PSI makes it versatile and capable of powering a wide range of hydraulic equipment and machinery.

Another noteworthy specification is its RE07VU2 designation, which likely denotes specific performance characteristics or adaptations. Understanding this designation is crucial for compatibility within a given hydraulic system and for replacement purposes.

In terms of installation and compatibility, the 4R1 H3016RE07VU2 is likely designed to fit standard hydraulic mounting configurations, making it relatively easy to integrate into existing systems or replace worn-out pumps without significant modifications.
4R1 H3016RE07VU2 HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP | Partsdic®